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Investor Services

Investor Claims Filing and Management

Investor claim filing and process management products are tailored to meet pre-foreclosure and REO portfolio needs. Using our proprietary claims management system, milestones and claim activity are tracked from eligibility to payment and completion. Our services cover the entire spectrum of investor claims: Fannie Mae (FNMA), Freddie Mac (FHLMC), Veteran Loans (VA), FHA, and private investor claims. Preparation and submission of initial, final and supplemental claims are available.

Private Mortgage Insurance Claims

Private mortgage insurance (PMI) claim filing and process management is offered. Similar to investor claims, all activities are tracked including verification of coverage, documentation retrieval, coordinating cancelations, denials and rescissions, line item validations of recoveries and curtailments. Quality has active, online connectivity with the MI companies.

Denial/Rescission/Repurchase Management

Complete rescission case management including forensic review of underwriting, retroactive analysis of origination property values and identifying erroneous documentation requests. Quality Claims can also assist in repurchase management by evaluating loan origination and underwriting compliance to refute the repurchase, and explore alleged deficiencies in servicing performance included in repurchase demands.


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